Igipimo in Kibuye

Before I share our experiences in Kibuye and some useful facts for those who are still heading towards this absolutely beautiful place at Lake Kivu, I’ll introduce myself first. My name is Eveline, Rapha’s Dutch colleague and since a couple of weeks also his house mate. I’m in Rwanda for an internship of three months. Although I try to improve my German as much as possible, I’ll write this article in English. I don’t want to bother you with my not-that-well-developed German writing skills and some linguistical diversity in this blog is welcomed.

Having spent a bunch of very enjoyable evenings and weekends with our Swiss friends, Sandra and Claudio, who are also practically our neighbours, it was about time to make a trip all together. Since work and other activities seem to prevent us from sleeping more than 6 hours per night, we needed some relaxation, for which Kibuye and Lake Kivu seemed to be the perfect place.

We arrived after sunset on Friday evening. We booked rooms, or actually houses, in hotel Bèthanie, which is a nice, clean place directly located at the lake, treating its guests well with a terrific view. The rooms are simple, without the luxury of warm water (at least in my room), but with a small terrace in front of the house. I can recommend the place! What I’ve been told, it’s necessary to make a reservation in advance. It is difficult to get hold of the telephone number; those provided in the Internet are not available anymore. For those interested the number can be found below. For getting this number I thank JP for his help. Arriving at Kibuye by bus, it is advised to take a motor bike to the hotel. The walking distance is only 45 minutes, but by night it can be difficult to find. If you need some action after the bus ride, simply convince the motor driver that you are a better driver than him (like Rapha did) and enjoy your ride.

We arrived after sunset without the slightest idea of the stunning environment of the lake. Only in the morning, we could enjoy the view of the hilly islands in the calmly streaming water in the bay of the lake. Fishing boats occupied by singing fishers completed the picture. Unfortunately this view was accompanied by a slight headache, a less pleasant remnant from the night before. To spend a nice evening at the hotel, the ingredients are a diner, a card game, some beers, a bottle of Waragi and most important, nice company. I’m not a great meat lover, but I have to admit that the brochette served in the hotel was very tasty; try beef! Arriving at the restaurant, we figured the popularity of Kibuye among tourists as we found all tables occupied by Abazungu. Difficult to admit; we were one of them.

After breakfast, our main goal was to relax. Guided by local directions, we managed to find a nice spot at the lake next to some fishing boats. The weather was on our side; the sun was shining, interrupted by a few clouds only. The fishing boats were connected by thin tree trunks, on which Rapha and Claudio had to demonstrate their balancing skills. We did a bit of swimming, reading, chatting. It was the perfect “life is good” feeling, very calm until… one of the people hanging around in our neighbourhood stole Rapha’s phone. It was not difficult to collect a peloton (of fishers) to chase the thief. Not even half an hour later the phone was found, the thief rescued from being beaten up and we were back to where we were, relaxing at the lake with one story more to tell.

For spending an evening outside the hotel, there is a place (up the road in the direction of town, in the neighbourhood of the post office and volleyball playground) where you get the whole package. Food and drinks (which were really cheap), a beautiful sunset over the lake (is well known by more people, as we were not alone), and an amazing starry sky.

Right Number of Hotel Bèthanie:  +250 (0) 252568235

Pictures in the Gallery.

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